By Angela Perro Europe & Scandinavia Specialist

For the more adventurous couples, honeymooning in Scandinavia is a perfect choice – what better way to mark such an occasion than venturing into the wilderness together? And for those who don’t immediately see the appeal, picture the romance of snowy vistas, cosy log fires and the seductive seclusion that Scandinavia has to offer, and you’ll begin to see why so many couples are attracted to a Scandinavian honeymoon. Never mind the fact that it’s a destination where hot tubs, saunas and thermal pools are as much a way of life as they are enjoyable activities. Imagine unwinding in the hot tub of your luxury accommodation under a star scattered sky, overlooking a snow-globe-perfect scene and all with a glass of bubbly in hand – an idyllic honeymoon scene.

Ideal for outdoor adventures, winter and summer – Scandinavia’s vast and varying landscapes have something for everyone. From the snow-capped mountains of Norway to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the backdrops that Scandinavia has to offer mean that your honeymoon pictures will be hard to beat. Up your picture game that little bit more by getting the perfect couple’s photo with the Northern Lights in the background – a truly special shot. Check out our blog on how to photograph the Northern Lights for top tips on getting that postcard-perfect picture.

We’ve put together a country-by-country guide on how best to feel the love in Scandinavia… 


Celebrate your fairy-tale beginnings with a trip to Finnish Lapland where you won’t just be enchanted by your loved one – magic is always in the air in this wonderland. A place where snow covers the ground for half of the year, Finnish Lapland is the pinnacle of a winter retreat. Spend your days exploring the unspoiled snow-swept landscape with a whole host of options to get you from A to B, from skiing and snowshoeing to husky sledding and snowmobiling. Come evening, the cold will soon be forgotten as you snuggle up with your other half whilst warming your toes in front of a roaring fire and sip on a glass of Finnish mulled wine (glögi is definitely a word worth learning before your trip). 

Opt to stay in the adults-only boutique, Beana Laponia, for some grown-up adventure that has no shortage of romance in the air. Alternatively, Levin Iglut Glass Igloos provide the perfect spot for Northern Light viewing from the comfort of your room. These innovative glass-roofed igloos mean that you and your partner won’t even have to leave your bed to witness the auroras above and the lack of light pollution means that you’ll be falling asleep under a canopy of stars. 

Beana Laponia sauna

Relax by the fireplace in the sauna at Beana Laponia

Husky sledding, Finland

Husky Sledding in Finland is a bucket-list adventure perfect for honeymoons

Levin Iglut Glass Igloos

The sky is your ceiling at Levin Iglut Glass Igloos

As hard as it is to not picture a snow-laden scene when imagining Finland, summer in this country is just as tantalising. The days stretch out before you in what seems like endless daylight, meaning that when you can’t sleep from excitement you won’t have to. Indulge in long and lazy lakeside days or, for those more restless souls, take your pick from hiking, horse-riding, rafting and fishing. And, with much of the wildlife coming out to play during the warmer months, you may even spot a brown bear or two. As summer turns to autumn, you will reach Finland at the perfect time to forage for your own food (don’t worry, it’s a lot more fun than it might sound!) Make dinner a romantic and personal affair by sourcing it from the wild and then cooking it together under the stars. A rustic and memorable twist on ‘dining out’.  


The land of fire and ice makes for one of the most awe-inspiring honeymoon getaways. Escape to this otherworldly country to indulge in Scandi style at its best. From waterfalls and glaciers to volcanoes and black-sand beaches (yes really!), Iceland is a truly unique destination full of all things weird and wonderful. When travelling around it’s essential to always have swimming bathers on hand – there’s an abundance of natural hot springs. With pampering an obvious necessity to newlywed life, make sure to fulfil your daily quota of indulgence with regular hot-spring dips. And what better way to make sure that you are in a constant state of relaxation than with a stay at the Blue Lagoon’s on-site accommodation? A getaway to the Silica Hotel will give you access to a spa, complimentary day passes to the Blue Lagoon and access to the hotel’s private geothermal bathing area – you will literally have a hot spring on tap. 

Silica Hotel's private geothermal bathing area

Take a dip in your own private section of the Blue Lagoon when staying at the Silica Hotel

Ion Adventure Hotel's heated outdoor pool

Relax in Ion Adventure Hotel's naturally heated, outdoor pool after a long day of Icelandic adventures

Choose from experiencing Iceland’s wild side by road, helicopter or, for those who live for adventure, horseback. Descend into a dormant volcano, walk under waterfalls, spot whales from Reykjavik’s harbour and dive between tectonic plates – the possibility of things to do on this island are endless. For a hotel in the midst of all the action, consider the Ion Adventure Hotel. The epitome of chic Scandinavian design, this hotel is located at the foot of a dormant volcano and is a great base for couples wanting to explore Iceland’s rugged landscape. 

Visit between October and February for a chance to see the Northern Lights illuminate the sky, an experience that will ensure that your honeymoon venture to Iceland really is out of this world. 


For a serene retreat like no other after the buzz of your big day, make your way to Norway, where the dramatic vistas will be sure to wow. Sophisticated design contrasts an ethereal natural world here – an amalgamation of man-made luxury and unruly wild makes for a picture-perfect destination. Don’t forget your camera because you will definitely need it for this one. 

It’s all about the fjords in Norway. Behold their mystical beauty from a high-speed RIB or, alternatively, sit back and just enjoy the view in style from your own private yacht. If a boat sounds a little too fleeting, then take up residence in the Storfjord Hotel, a ‘slow-life hideaway’ that prides itself on being a home away from home. Its views of the stunning fjord below will even pull the attention of the most loved-up of newlyweds. 

Road-trip along Norway's Atalantic Road

Take to Norway's Atlantic Road to kick-start married life with a road-trip of a lifetime

Lofoten Islands cruise

Take in the majesty that Norway has to offer with a trip to Lofoten Islands

Isfjord Radio Hotel

Isfjord Radio Hotel is a property like no other

But it doesn’t stop there; Norway also boasts some of the world’s most striking coastline. Get up-close and personal with its twists and turns by taking a romantic drive along the Atlantic Road, or leave the mainland shore behind completely with a private boat trip that will take you island hopping around the Jurassic Park-esque Lofoten Islands. 

For wildlife lovers, a sighting of the elusive Norwegian polar bear may just top that of the Finnish brown bear. Head north to the untouched Arctic wilderness of Svalbard and stay at the boutique, ex-telecommunications tower-turned hotel, Isfjord Radio. But it isn’t just the oasis-like vision of this property that we love; take to snowmobiles in search of walrus, reindeer and polar bear – real bucket-list material that will make for an unforgettable honeymoon. 


Home to Europe’s coolest capital, it’s worth heading to Sweden for its style alone. Newlyweds will soon discover that there is nothing but the best awaiting them in this Scandinavian destination. Stockholm offers a city-break with world-class cuisine and a wealth of design landmarks, whilst Swedish Lapland provides the opportunity for winter and summer adventures of a lifetime. Uncover the wonders of the Arctic Circle by honeymooning in a room perched high in the forest canopy at the TreeHotel, or cosy up with your partner in the ICEHOTEL where yes, you’ve guessed it, all of the rooms are carved out of ice. Our tip? Combine them both to make for a luxurious honeymoon.

TreeHotel, Swedish Lapland

A stay at the TreeHotel will make you closer to the stars

ICEHOTEL suite, Swedish Lapland

What better excuse to snuggle up with your partner than with a stay at the ICEHOTEL?

In Iceland it may be all about the hot springs, but for the Swedes it’s all about the saunas. For an authentic Swedish experience, jump straight from a steaming sauna into an isvak (a hole in the ice of frozen water) – it’s certainly one way to ‘immerse’ yourself in Scandi culture! If you don’t fancy jumping in, then throw a line in instead and try your hand at ice fishing. You can cook up your catch on an outdoor fire and have a picnic for two under the dancing light of the auroras. 

Laid-back, chic and serene, Sweden is the epitome of the Scandinavian living. Celebrate married life off the beaten track at Loggers Lodge, a secluded retreat that only houses one couple at a time. With no light, noise or tourist pollution, and an outdoor hot tub for star-lit soaking, this is the honeymoon accommodation of dreams.