Luxury Japan holidays

Steeped in history while forging a high-tech future, the Japanese people enjoy a lifestyle of harmonious contrasts. Not quite East, not quite West, Japan’s myriad islands offer everything from Alpine skiing to tropical beaches, supersonic bullet trains to hypnotic, unhurried tea ceremonies.

Nowhere sweeps you off your feet in quite the same way as Japan. Its irrepressible tide of progress, invention and efficiency flows against a reservoir of cherished ancient tradition, deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. The juxtaposition of age-old and cutting edge is at its most apparent in Toyko. Witness the future being shaped around you in a hyper-modern metropolis of unparalleled gastronomic delights, unending shopping opportunities and labyrinthine covered alleyways lit by the glow of paper lanterns. The antithesis of its futuristic features, Shinto temples, geisha culture, and meditative traditional practices are an elegant reminder of Tokyo’s ancient roots. Dig a little deeper and you’ll unearth everything from sumo tournaments to baseball games, kabuki dances to origami cafés, anime conventions to oriental gardens.

Leaving behind the neon, discover Japan's wealth of serene rurality. Iconic, snow-capped and perfectly conical, Mount Fuji steals the plaudits, governing over peaceful lakes and forests that are punctually pierced by the fleeting passing of bullet trains. Subtropical Okinawa boasts sun-baked white sands and swaying palms, while up north Hokkaido’s multicoloured landscapes and placid lakes and are home to sea eagles and Japanese cranes. Trek, cycle or ski from the world-class resorts of the Japanese Alps, where quaint teahouses, ryokan inns and onsen hot spring baths transport you to an ancient world. And, from February to May, swathes of the country are blanketed in beautiful pink cherry blossom, bedecking even the most imposing of castles with the flowery finery of season’s change. Let us plan your luxury holiday to Japan, tailoring your itinerary to ensure an exploration deep into this compelling culture.


Special experiences in Japan

Have a local architect lead a tour of Tokyo’s sci-fi landscape. Right-time your trip to catch the famous cherry-blossoms of Maruyama-koen. Awaken your senses with a trip to Tsukiji Fish Market, guided by a master-chef, followed by a cookery lesson in his private kitchen. Explore the artistry of Japan’s exquisite gastronomy at the finest restaurants and gain an insight into kaiseiki cuisine. Take part in a traditional tea ceremony. Soak in a private onsen bath at a leading ryokan. Ride the bullet train to Kyoto. Meet textile makers and watch artisans design and crate kimonos. Be introduced to sumo wrestlers and see how they prepare for their sport then watch them do battle. Watch a Kill Bill actor wield a samurai sword and take a lesson from an expert. See the spectacular gardens of Kyoto. Meet a geisha and dress in stunning kimono costumes. Look for red-crowned cranes amid the marshes of Hokkaido

Cherry blossom season and Koriyama Castle in Nara, Japan

Experience the beauty of cherry blossom season at a Japanese castle

Tea ceremony, Kyoto, japan

Take part in a traditional tea ceremony

Sumo stable, japan

Watch sumo wrestlers prepare for battle

Where to stay in Japan

Base yourself in cutting-edge design hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, futuristic pads and urban spa retreats. Off-set this with a step back in time at luxurious centuries-old ryokans like Gora Kadan and Yamanochaya. Or seek out mountainside eyries like Hakone Ginyu, clifftop hideaways like Amanemu, secluded and romantic stays at Hanaougi Bettei Liyama or a coastal property with a rooftop onsen at Kurayado Iroha.

When to go to Japan

Travel to Japan over the spring months from March to May and follow the cherry blossom from north to south or come in autumn from September to November and experience the corresponding Fall colours at their best. Hit the perfect powder snow at the start of the year from January to March, when you will also get the best snow monkey viewing.

Suggested itineraries

Japan cherry blossoms

Highlights of Japan

Guide price from £6,370 pp

This is the ideal introduction to Japan, pairing a host of highlights with personalised tours, including a trip up the iconic Tokyo Skytree, stays at luxurious ryokan accommodation, traditional kaiseki feasts and journeys aboard the bullet train.

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo in Japan

Imperial Palaces & the Japanese Alps

Guide price from £13,340 pp

A more in-depth insight into Japan: ryokan inns, be led by a geisha around Kyoto, and ride the bullet train to learn about Hiroshima. From samurai cities to scenic farmhouse villages, this holiday showcases Japan's finest sights

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