Luxury South America holidays

From the vast Amazon rainforests to the Chilean deserts and the Patagonian glaciers, South America serves up adventure and excitement at every turn.

In Argentina, the cascading Iguazú Falls in the north give way to dense jungle teeming with wildlife, while the lowlands are home to gauchos, who warmly share their cattle-herding lifestyle with curious visitors. Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, is a patchwork of colourful neighbourhoods and classical architecture, and southernmost Cape Horn is the access point for luxurious Antarctica cruises.

In Chile, the dry Atacama desert is home to luxury lodges nestled among the dunes, while in the south, immense glaciers and snow-capped mountains offer intrepid adventurers plenty of opportunity for outdoor pursuits. Peru's claim to fame is, of course, Machu Picchu, but this Incan paradise has so much more to discover, from the colossal Misti volcano to the pink dolphins of the Amazon river.

Meanwhile, wildlife lovers flock to Ecuador and the Galápagos to see the many unique species that inhabit the black lava rocks and vast forest reserves of the region. And, through it all, you can choose to stay in spacious villas with breathtaking views, contemporary lodges on the edge of the ocean and designer hideaways in the heart of wine country. Luxury travel has never been so adventurous.


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