Luxury Ecuador & Galápagos holidays

With a varied landscape that includes the coast, highlands and Amazon rainforest, Ecuador supports a startlingly diverse range of flora and fauna for such a compact country. And that’s before you take into account the beguiling islands of the Galápagos archipelago, where you’ll stumble across a series of endemic species. Whether you come for Andean adventure, Amazon wildlife and close-up encounters with the creatures of the Galápagos or cultural and colonial treasures, you’ll uncover an array of wonders.


Special experiences in Ecudaor & The Galápagos

Uncover the colonial history and architecture of Quito. Hang out in the historic Plaza San Francisco and admire the beautifully restored mansions. Meet artisans and craftsmen. Shop for the perfect Panama hat. Ride the Tren Crucero through the highlands and horse ride between haciendas. Surf tight breaks off the Pacific coast or white-water raft rivers through the jungles of Oriente. Explore a vast rainforest reserve to spot howler monkeys, caiman and exotic tree frogs before you retire to the glass fronted canopy-level cabins of Mashpi Lodge. Cycle through the forest canopy on a Sky Bike. Trek forest trails to hidden waterfalls and float in plunge pools and waterways below the cascades. Cruise through the Amazon on a luxury vessel. Explore the Galápagos by private yacht, with a crew containing an expert naturalist. Sunbathe on black lava rocks alongside blue-footed boobies and frigate birds. Snorkel and dive among the incredible fish and marine animals that live among the archipelago, with the chance to swim with sea lions and whale sharks, submerge among enormous schools of hammerhead sharks or witness the undersea grazing of prehistoric-looking marine iguanas. Look for giant tortoises while climbing a volcanic crater or trekking through bizarre cactus forests. Simply sit in silence and soak up the primeval scenery.

Kayaking at La Selva Lodge, Ecuadorian Amazon

Kayaking at La Selva Lodge, Ecuadorian Amazon

Green Sea Turtle, The Galápagos

Green sea turtle, The Galápagos

Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Where to stay in Ecudaor & The Galápagos

Kick off your adventure with a stay in a historic town house or colonial mansion such as the exquisite Casa Gangotena in the capital Quito. On the coast look for rustic beach cabanas, in the highlands immerse yourself in a traditional hacienda and in the rainforest, seek out spectacular lodges and canopy level retreats such as the eco-adventure Mecca Mashpi Lodge. In the Galápagos cruise among the islands on board a luxury yacht or opt for a unique land-based eco-retreat on the island of Santa Cruz and stay at seriously green, stylish Pikaia Lodge.

When to go to Ecuador & The Galápagos

Ecuador proper, the mainland, is best visited from April to October. Be aware that the rainforests can receive rain at any time of year though. The warm months from December to May are the best times to travel to the Galápagos although the wildlife experiences vary throughout the year; turtles lay their eggs in January, penguins arrive in May, humpbacks turn up to breed in June and giant tortoise eggs hatch in December. Watch out for cooler climates and heavier seas during August and September.

Suggested itineraries

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Machu Picchu & the Galápagos

Guide price from £10,640 pp

In between exploring the mist-clad beauty of Machu Picchu and cruising the Galápagos Islands, discover the rhythms of Lima, Cusco and Quito, some of South America's most enticing cities.

La Pinta Yacht, Galapagos

Luxury Quito & Galápagos Cruise

Guide price from £11,015 pp

There is truly nowhere else like the Galápagos, and this unforgettable itinerary showcases it all on a luxury yacht, with included excursions led by expert guides, alongside a stay in a luxury cloud forest wilderness retreat and time to explore the buzzing cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

Las Bachas, Galapagos
Special offer

Galápagos Exploration on Silversea's Silver Origin

Guide price from £8,900 pp

Save up to £1,500 pp – ends 22 Jul

Explore one of the planet's natural wonders, the Galápagos archipelago, onboard Silver Origin. Luxury meets adventure on this voyage of a lifetime.

Seal in Galapagos
Special offer

Galápagos Discovery on Silver Origin

Guide price from £9,200 pp

Save up to £1,500 pp – ends 22 Jul

Set sail around the north-central region of the Galápagos in sleek, sophisticated style. Be enchanted by the incredible biodiversity of the region, home to creatures found nowhere else on Earth.

Land iguana in the Galapagos
Special offer

Ecuador and the Galápagos on Silver Origin

Guide price from £11,300 pp

Save up to £1,500 pp – ends 31 Jul

Explore Ecuador by land and sea, from the rich history of the capital Quito to a luxury rainforest lodge and on to the abundance of wildlife in the far-flung Galápagos.

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