Having moved to London from her native Finland more than five years ago, travel has always been close to Saija’s heart. In fact, she’s lived all over the world, so ask her about the best beaches in the Balearics, where to find the finest hotpot noodles in Malaysia or how to get the most out of Ecuador’s rich cultural tapestry. However, as a Finn, her ideal holiday is an active trip to Scandinavia, where the Northern Lights dance and the Midnight Sun casts its ethereal glow. And, it’s a combination of nature, silence and, of course, sauna that she misses most about her native Finland. For her, there’s nothing better than a hearty Karelian stew on a winter’s day, cooked on an open fire. But, wherever you’re planning to go, Saija can draw on her many years of industry experience to tailor your holiday to you.

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  • My first-hand experience of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
  • The best Spanish beaches
  • Where best to see the Northern Lights
  • Ice hotel holidays
  • In fact, anything to with Scandinavia and the Nordics

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