Angela's passion for travel started young, where a desire to explore new countries, traditions and meet new people was instilled in her by her parents. Angela has spent four months travelling through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, enjoying the friendly custom of local people (and challenging her taste buds with fiery dishes!) A three-month journey through New Zealand served as an excellent introduction to some of the world's best views and wines. Other favourites include Georgia – thanks to its unusual traditions – and Morocco, full of bustle, warmth and charm. Thanks to Angela's Latvian origins, it's Europe that captures her heart most of all. Whether it's the architecture of Prague, Amsterdam and Cadiz or the beaches of Portugal, France and Italy, or even the majestic beauty of Scandinavia, Angela's love for all things Europe is unashamed and well-established.

Top recommendation

Spend a little more time than you might think is necessary on a trip to Scandinavia during the summer – the change of pace and sparkling lakes are what make it such a rejuvenating experience

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I've been to both Swedish and Finnish Lapland so can help you pick the right one for your needs

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