From the vineyards of Argentina’s finest wines to the temple plains of Myanmar’s Bagan, Adam’s travels have taken him to exceptional places. His university study of Spanish conquistadors led him on a similarly adventurous, if a little more peaceful, aim to explore the world. Adam counts sunrise at Angkor Wat, as one of the top highlights of his travels, although he’d be hard-pressed to pick a favourite between that and swimming with dolphins in Australia. Adam admits to firmly keeping one eye on restaurants when he travels, but his recent Vespa tour through Ho Chi Minh City in search of Vietnam’s best street food has opened his eyes to another world of quality cuisine. In a more formal setting, Melbourne’s restaurant scene is second-to-none.

Favourite country


Favourite moment

When I first saw the beauty and scale of Iguazú Falls in Argentina

Helpful history

My former career as a crew member in British Airways’ First cabin has given me a lot of knowledge about flying with this fantastic airline

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